What is relief printing?

Relief, or block, printing involves carving into a material (e.g. wood or linoleum) and printing an impression of the carved surface on another material (e.g. paper, fabric). My preferred medium is linoleum (aka linocut).

Is every art print identical?

Each print has very slight variations because they’re individually inked and hand-pulled. So while I aim for consistency, no two prints are exactly alike.

What size are your prints? Will they fit a standard frame?

Unless otherwise indicated, all art prints measure 11 x 14” and fit a standard-size photo frame (e.g. this 11 x 14” frame by Umbra). The prints also display beautifully in a 16 x 20” frame, matted to 11 x 14”, (e.g. KNOPPÄNG by IKEA). 

Can you make this print in that size?

Because each block is hand carved (it’s analogue, baby), they cannot be reproduced in a different size.

One of your limited edition prints sold out. Can I still get one?

Buyers of limited edition prints often make a purchase decision based on the fact that the piece is limited. I cannot make a change to the run size as this would be a violation of trust. That said, watch my Instagram regularly for new print releases. I’d also love to hear from you if there is subject matter you’d like to see more of!

Do you do commissions?

At this time, I’m not taking on commissioned artwork.

Do you sell wholesale?

Sure do! If you’re interested in becoming a stockist, please contact me at fewofakindprints@gmail.com.

Where can I buy your prints?

You can purchase from my website, Etsy shop, in person at Makerspace North, one of my upcoming markets.